Interesting facts about the Royal Family of England


Generally, Royal families draw our attention, because we see monarchy as being interesting and charming. This is why people are so curios about England’s Royal Family, every time it appears news about it. The Royal Family has the surname Mouthbatten-Windosor, even though the family rarely uses a surname.

Queen Elizabeth has a nickname – Lilibet – because she wasn’t able to pronounce Elizabeth when she was a baby. Also, Queen Elizabeth was married with her third cousin, Prince Philip. They have the same great great parents, respectively Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

If you want to know everything there is about the Royal Family, you should know that Queen Elizabeth celebrates her birthday twice, on April 21 and on May or June, when takes place the annual Trooping the Color Ceremony. Also, Queen Elizabeth can drive without a driving license. Also, she doesn’t need a passport.

Princess Diana was one of the most loved royalty from the England’s Royal family. She met Prince Charles when she was 16-years old. Kate Middleton is the first royal bride form UK who has a university degree. She graduated from Scotland’s University of St. Andrews.

Because Queen Elizabeth has inherited, the throne from her father is a “Queen Regnant” and she had the second longest term of service in the history of monarchy, since she is a Queen for more than 60 years. Being the Head of the State, Queen Elizabeth holds audience every Tuesday with the Prime minister. During her service, Queen Elizabeth received over 387,000 honorary awards and other awards.

Along with the interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth and Royal Family, there are interesting things about British Monarchy laws. Therefore, it is illegal to die inside the House of Parliament, which is considered Royal.

It is difficult to imagine Queen Elizabeth a fan of violence. Rumors claim otherwise, since the Queen of England is a big fan of MMA. The Royal Family is in the center of attention for so many years and today we can still find so many fans of Elizabeth Queen and Prince Harry.

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