The history of Buckingham Palace

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If you come to London for the first time, you can find taxi transfers from Heathrow and you should visit some of its most interesting places,  museums, art galleries and tourist objectives which made this city well-known across the entire world.

One of these objectives is the Buckingham Palace,  a place of wonder snd fascination for many of those who visit the city of London.

Many people come to the capital city of England only to see the Buckingham Palace. A short history of this building is very useful for future visitors of London. This Palace was bought for Queen Charlotte in 1761 by George III as a family home because it was close to St. James’s Palace. 14 of the King’s children were born here, this palace being very important for the royal family.

The house was remodelled in 1762 to the King’s requirements and the project was designed by Sir William Chambers. The total cost of the project was 73000 pounds and the result was extraordinary.

After that,  in 1820, George IV decided that the house must be reconstructed. Later on, he changed his mind, and using the advice his architect, John Nash, gave him, he transformed this house into a palace.

The building became much bigger than before and many rooms were added to it as a result of the reconstruction process. The project included many changes of the place and it added many rooms on the west side of the building. Its external style reflects the French neo-classical influence in architecture. Many of the rooms which can be found in the palaces remained unchanged since then.

The north and south wings of the building were rebuilt on a larger scale by the constructors and they also added the Marble Arch to commemorate the British victories in their battles at Trafalgar and Waterloo. The final cost of this project was huge and it reached half a million pounds by 1829..

London has also many other attractions which must be seen by any visitor of this city. It is a vibrant city with a rich history and culture and it offers to most people exactly what they look for when they come here.

This palace was offered by the King as a new home for Parliament, because, in 1834, the Houses of Parliament were destroyed by fire. His offer was declined.

In 1837, Queen Victoria moved here,  just three weeks after her accession. The royal family encountered many problems here because the building did not have all it needed as a residence for a family. It did not have nurseries for babies and the number of bedrooms was low. The facade of the building was changed in 1913 by Sir Aston Webb.

Now in the forecourt of the palace the Changing of the Guard takes place, an event which is viewed by many tourists who come to London every day. Many visitors who come to London are fascinated with what this city has to offer. They want to see with their own eyes what the British spirit and culture have created in time and how a gret civilisation of Western Europe looks like.

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