What kind of men are wearing bow ties?

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If we have to think of men who prefer to wear bow tie, there are one of the following – the absolutists, the innocents and the dabblers. The absolutists wear proudly nothing but bow ties, but the innocents are those who do not know to tie such a bow tie, and the dabblers like also to wear dabblers sport bow ties at horse races, or at outdoor weddings, at festive occasions or garden parties.

For example, in Manhattan, it is a kind of natural law to wear a bow tie as these arouse strong feelings. The bow ties represent a polarizing piece of cloth, because they reveal male neckwear. On Madison Avenue in the 40s, the district is full of bow ties bearers.

The persons who are wearing bow ties do not consider these as being professorial, or formal, or a fashion, but they prefer to wear as they like them a lot. And from individual use of the bow ties to organizations that include Bow Tie Foundation and celebrities such as Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson who wear and buy them for socially purposes. These organizations support causes for donations and have good intentions.

At events, wearing a bow tie is a strange choice. It is not a wrong or bad choice, but at black tie events, think twice before wearing a bow tie. For example, James Hill, co-owner of High Cotton Tie Company declares that there is a responsibility associated with wearing a bow tie, so the folks have to wear a bow tie well and behave like gentlemen.

James Hill point out that bow ties become a conversation piece or center of attention, as they express personality and characters. It is better to avoid novelties and stick to classic patterns, in the meantime, as eccentricity is great but if layered with eccentricity is cloying.

The bow ties can transform a smart casual outfit, as a shirt, a formal attire, or a tuxedo. They have different color, from red, black or blue, various textures and patterns. Also, if a man adds some accessories, such as a handkerchief or a pocket square, the outfit maybe perfect.

Charvet is one of the important designers of bow ties. He invented a novel style, meaning a cross between a batwing and a butterfly for the Duke of Windsor in the 50s. Since then, the bow ties have a long history and became an important thing in the men’s clothing.

Of course, the future is on the way to decide if the bow tie will keep its value, but there are many designers who supports the wearing of bow ties in the future, as a very important emblem of the style of clothing.

Men have to appreciate and buy them, for their value and power to make from a simple person a real gentlemen. To wear a bow tie may be for a man everything in all occasions, as these pieces represent style and attitude all over the world.

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