The ultimate- Tablet versus book

The ultimate – Tablet versus book


A few days ago I was really wondering if by any chance anyone remembers the feeling of reading a book, but really feeling it’s sheets, or writing a letter on a piece of paper who just got out of a printing house in Italy, Germany or any other country who gives real quality.

Fortunately, I have notice that in fact a printed paper is still valuable, and that made me especially happy due to the fact that nothing in the world can compare to that.

What is a printing house? What is it used for? Well, it is very simple. Until we had all those equipments and technologies at our disposal, meaning the tablets, the smart phones or the laptops, the usual way of making the information flow was by printing it on paper. All over the world a printing house from Italy or from Germany was known, usually for being a high quality place and high quality products delivered world wide.

Is it better or is it worse to use technology comparing to the printed information? Well, the comfort notion is all over the place. We got used to have all these devices at our disposal, and we tend to forget that a book can really bring you a lot of joy. A lot of people prefer the tablet or the smartphone due to a lot of reasons.

They are mobile and they can be easy transported. Their weight is reduced compared to a book, or a magazine, and they offer as well a lot of other characteristics like games, news and access to the social networks.

I don’t think that at this time there are a lot of people who at least once did not touched a tablet. They all can tell you that is more comfortable to read from it. But, in the same time the people who grow with the written on paper information will tel you that nothing can be compared to the feeling of turning the pages of a book with your own hands. That might be true. In fact, we know it is true, but we are more used then ever to carry after us in our bags a device that can accomplish all.

Finally, everyone can choose after their own will what they want. The youngs are choosing the technology without a doubt. They can not be changed. They grow up with these devices. They know more about them then about the books. It is not a problem, but maybe they can be brought on the book direction for just once. It would be a great experience for them as it was for me, or you or for our parents.

We do not believe that the printed information will ever die. But we believe that is for the best from time to time to get close to the books. To read them, to feel them, to be friends with it.

It will be a great experience and we can tell you that for sure. Look for the best printing houses so that you can get closer to the books. Such places can be found on sites like  . Here you will find all that you need. Give it a try!

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