The most dangerous Toxins for the brain

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Losing your mental health is one of the most terrible things. Currently, this risk is very high, due to the many man-made chemical combinations, and which we expose more or less voluntarily. Here are the most dangerous chemicals that can affect the integrity of the brain and the ways in which we can avoid them:

Fluoride. The decision to add fluoride to the public drinking water network as a means to combat tooth decay, has probably the most widespread and insidious effect on the brain. FAN Organization (The Fluoride Action Network) conducted a study, following which concluded that fluoridated water consumption is associated with a low IQ, even in small amounts added in local reservoirs.

FAN also mentions other 34 studies that reached the same result, and several studies that are linking fluoride to memory deterioration, brain damage in newborns and deterioration of neuromotor functions. Furthermore, a study sponsored by UNICEF showed that the IQ is reduced by the addition of only 0.88 mg of fluoride per liter of water, the considered optimal level is added to the drinking water in the United States, and that 200 million americans “benefits” daily.

In these circumstances, what can we do to remove fluoride? Simply install a quality filter to the sink. And at the same time, to avoid fluoride toothpastes.

Heavy metals. These are sinister toxins difficult to remove from the body, which is installed in the brain and organs of millions because of vaccines, dental procedures, pesticides used in agriculture, marine and atmospheric pollution. We all have quite a collection of neurotoxins in our bodies, from which mercury is most dangerous.

Most likely to brain injury due to mercury are babies, who have not yet developed a brain barrier, and who are undergoing intensive program of repeated vaccinations. If you did not know, all vaccines contain mercury (called “thimerosal”), introduced as a preservative. To babies, who lack the enzyme responsible for detoxification of heavy metals, postnatal or prenatal exposure to mercury cause neurological damage, expressed most often by autism.

In adults, the toxic effects of mercury are found in a wide range of neurological diseases, including Alzheimer, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson and others. To ensure that you will not be poisoned by heavy metals, avoid anti-flu vaccines, refuse mercury-based dental fillings and take care what fish and seafood you eat.

Artificial sweeteners. The desire of some “zero calories” made the sweets and cold drinks manufacturers to turn increasingly to artificial sweeteners, although the negative effects of these chemicals on the brain have been well documented over time.

Chemical sweeteners can be found in flakes cereal, yogurt, cold drinks, chewing gum, cooking sauces… and all other products sweetened by stating “diet” or “sugar-free”. Aspartame is a combination of chemicals, namely aspartic acid (an amino acid with stimulating effect on brain cells), methanol and fenilanalin, and scientists place it among the first places among the substances considered toxic.

Once in the body, aspartame decomposes, producing a chemical compound that is a strong causative of brain tumors . Research conducted over time revealed 90 different symptoms as a result of the use of aspartame. Among them, there are: anxiety (restlessness), speech difficulties, depression and migraines. Always read the ingredients you want to buy and bypass the ones that contain artificial sweeteners. Also note that the FDA has recently approved the renaming of aspartame as AminoSweet , so, beware of it.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is a concentrated substance added to food to improve its taste. At first, was used in rations of soldiers, to make the food tastier, but it was quickly adopted by the entire food industry.

Dr. Russell Blaylock, a famous neurosurgeon and a authority regarding excitotoxins, found that MSG is a silent poison that in time destroy large portions of the brain, causing Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other brain disorders. The only way you can avoid ingesting this toxic substance is to stop consuming fast food and processed foods and read labels before you buy.

And attention! Because many people have already learned how injurious to health is monosodium glutamate and began to beware of it, some manufacturers pass it as “yeast extract”, for their product to appear natural.

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