Ohio breakup attorneys release brand new separation and divorce website

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The Ohio divorce attorneys at Slater and Zurz LLP are pleased to announce that the firm has launched a new website to help Ohio residents understand their legal options and rights in regard to divorce, dissolution and family law.

The site provides helpful articles regarding divorce and other family law matters, and offers background information on the firm’s Ohio divorce lawyers so that site users can make an informed decision when selecting a divorce attorney to handle their case. Internet users can access the site at http://dissolutionanddivorce.com to learn about their legal rights in regard to divorce and dissolution and to contact the Ohio divorce attorneys at the firm.

The new Ohio divorce lawyers’ website aims to ease some of the uncertainties surrounding Ohio divorces by providing informative articles on divorce proceedings and related issues such as child visitation and alimony. Military divorces, high net worth divorces, and paternity actions are among the legal topics discussed on the website.

The website also details Ohio divorce law in regard to property, debt and asset division and explains the factors which will be considered when determining child support in Ohio. In addition to the articles, the new website provides site visitors an alternative way to learn about their legal rights; through an attorney video center, website users can come face-to-face with the Ohio divorce lawyers at the firm, who discuss collaborative divorce, grandparents’ rights and related matters.

The Ohio divorce lawyers at the firm created the website in hopes that it would prove to be a valuable resource for current and potential clients. If you have a divorce or family law issue, visit DissolutionandDivorce.com today to learn more about your legal rights and to contact the Ohio divorce lawyers at the firm.

For more than 40 years, Slater and Zurz LLP and its team of Ohio divorce lawyers have handled cases involving divorce, dissolution and other family law issues, providing their clients with both the unwavering support and unrelenting aggression needed to handle these sensitive and complex legal claims.


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