How to be a great sales rep

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What’s the difference between a good sales rep, and a great one? Well, there are many. Great sales reps are always looking to improve their technique, for a start. There are many things a great sales rep needs to do in order to maximise sales and profit for their company, so here are a few things that you can do that can help you become a top seller.

Know your buyer persona

Research the prospect and know who you’re selling to. Find out their needs, and anticipate any concerns they might have. If you understand who the client is and what they need, you can tailor your approach accordingly. Knowing who you’re selling to is a crucial part of creating an effective sales formula.

Believe in your product

It’s much easier to sell a product you believe in. Know what it is and what its best features are, and really try to show the buyer that you are genuinely passionate about it. If you aren’t, look for testimonies and reviews from other users, and try to incorporate their positive feedback into your sales pitch. This will help you – and your buyer – to see the reasons why they should invest in it.

Know your pipeline

Selling is a process, so you need to be familiar with every step of it in order to turn as many leads into customers as possible.

This is important not only for you, but also to provide a measurable process that new salespeople can follow, too. Here is a great article about the sales pipeline and why it is so crucial to maximising sales.

Practice active listening

Make sure you’re fully present when you meet the client, and pay attention to the things they say. This can not only help you personalise your message, but also makes the client feel more valued.

Show the client that you care about them, and don’t let them think that they’re just another customer to you. Most people enjoy talking about themselves, so use this to your advantage and let the client give you details about their lives that you can use to illustrate how your product can help them.

Hopefully these tips will help you to improve your sales technique and become one of your company’s strongest assets. Keep an eye out for more things you can try, and you will become a top seller in no time.

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