Custody of children in a divorce process

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Parental authority may be shared by both parents or primary custody of children can be attributed to a parent or guardian. Since the 1970s the family court awarded fees for childcare contingent with the best for the child.

In the past, family courts used for mothers in custody cases of children. This bias is still in possession of some family court judges they will still make a fair assessment of the best interests of the child when determining custody of children.

Parental rights granted to parents, stepparents, grandparents and other guardians as determined by a family court judge. Judicial decisions regarding custody cases of children in favor of biological parents who are deemed suitable guardians.

Parental rights are assigned based on the best interests of children involved. Parental rights and responsibilities that will detail the legal and physical custody of the child. Child support is also provided where appropriate, in cases of parental rights.

In seven out of ten cases, the rights to custody of children are mainly attributed to the mother of children.

Rights granted primary custody to fathers less than ten percent of the time. joint custody is awarded about twenty percent of the time, so that rights of custody of the child and the responsibilities are shared by both parents. In most cases, of abuse or neglect, parents are free to decide the allocation of rights of custody until the agreement is approved by a judge of the family.

When a judge hearing a case of child care, he / she will consider several factors when making a decision. The courts often rely on expert testimony of a psychologist who will evaluate options for child care by looking at a number of relevant factors.

The following factors are taken into account in determining child custody rights: past parenting behavior, child’s age, the preference of the child, a parent can devote time to raising a well child, domestic stability, economic considerations and specific others. Children may be allowed to testify to all ages on special considerations are made for young children.

Parents can largely determine the rights of parents when there are large differences in the conditions requested by each party. Mediation is a process by which a neutral third party intercession in order to facilitate decisions on parental rights.

If an agreement can be achieved through medication and approved by a judge, will the terms of this parenting plan succeed. When there is disagreement about custody, the case will be heard by a judge who will ultimately determine parental rights.

Parental rights involve both physical and legal rights and obligations. Physical custody of the children refer to who will actually take care of the child ~ who the child will live and spend time with. The legal rights of child care to refer to a decision of the parents had during the main events in the life of a child, such as education, healthcare, business, religion, etc..





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