Breaking an Unhealthy Preoccupation with Beauty

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If you are committed to looking good as part of feeling good then it is important that the beauty products you purchase support your individual beauty goals. Use the suggestions below to break negative beauty habits that come from your dislike about some aspect of your physical appearance.

Distinguish between beauty products you purchase to enhance your appearance and those that you purchase to disguise your appearance. For instance, eye shadow can enhance your eyes while foundation is frequently purchased to cover up skin imperfections.

Choosing beauty products to cover-up or modify the appearance of certain physical features about yourself that you don’t like is fine as long as you are not paying too much attention to what you can’t change. Focusing on what you don’t like about your look that you cannot change will not only make you unhappy but will likely cost you more money because you’re likelier to purchase beauty products that promise to address your beauty challenge.

One indication that you have an unhealthy preoccupation with a specific physical trait is to take an inventory of beauty products you�ve purchased paying particular attention to purchased and unused, or multiple kinds of products purchased to address the same beauty challenge.

Write down why a particular product didn’t meet your expectations in addition to what you were looking for from the product. Go through each product you stopped using of the same variety and write down why you didn’t like it.

Determine whether your expectations of a particular product that you discontinued using were not met because your expectations were beyond the capability of the product. For instance, if you are looking for a wrinkle cream to dramatically turn back the hands of time, your expectations might be unreasonable.

Write a list of alternate ways you can address a specific beauty challenge that you keep buying products to address. For instance, if you’ve got seven different wrinkle creams, write down Botox, facelift and any other methods available for people to try to address wrinkles. Determine whether you’re likely to try one of the alternative methods by noting likely, not sure, or unlikely next to each alternative you come up with. If you determine you’re unlikely to try a particular method, write down why.

Without purchasing additional products to address your beauty challenge, choose from your collection of beauty products the best way you’ve found to handle that challenge to date. Use the product you’ve chosen for the next two months.

Consider working out ways to accept the feature that bothers you while maintaining grooming practices to look as good as you can without purchasing more of a specific product. Consider therapy, articles about health self-acceptance, or sharing your concerns with friends as a way of talking through your beauty challenge.

After a few months you should find that refusing to purchase new products combined with efforts at self-acceptance will solve your beauty challenge by reducing its negative impact on your self-image.

Understanding why you’re attracted to a specific type of beauty product can be a significant part of creating a beauty routine that consistently makes you feel more beautiful. Use the suggestions above to help yourself solve your greatest beauty challenges.

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