Achieving excellence in the management of construction projects

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The integration of construction projects into the organizational structure of the companies can be achieved in different ways: through functional, project or matrix organization. The first method involves the integration of the project into the functional organization of the construction company. The project is subordinated to the functional department or to the technical director.

The project organization consists of the process of setting-up the project activity that is separate from the construction company’s activity, with its own management, technical and administrative staff. This organization is linked to the construction firm only through periodic reports that professional project managers such as Adrian Ionita Construction must present to the management of the firm.

The matrix organization is a combination of functional and project aspects involved in the process. It can feature a variety of forms depending on the predominance of a particular type of organization.

The management of capital project delivery

Specialists in the field of project management such as Adrian Ionita Construction can be involved in these stages of development and ensure proper results for their clients. Being certified specialists in this field of activity as well as resident engineers comes with a wide range of advantages for the clients who need to rely on their expertise and connections.

A wide experience in working with various clients and engaging in complex projects is also very important when you want your work to speak for yourself.  Experienced project managers such as Adrian Ionita Construction reach various career highlights after years of gathering experience in these fields of activity.

Working on projects related to major industrial facilities is the kind of task that comes with a wide range of responsabilities which need to be met in order to achieve succesful results with these projects.  Achieving excellence in project management is not an easy thing to do. However, after 15 years of serious work in this field of activity and numerous projects that have been succesfuly finalized on record, you will be considered a specialist in this sector.

What do specialists in project management such as Adrian Ionita Construction do?

They have the capacity to oversee capital project delivery for important clients, deal with regulatory requirements in an excellent manner and make cost and material estimations. Moreover, proper knowledge in environmental assesments, safety, health and insurance as well as overall planning are a must for the achievement of great results for the clients in terms of quality and finances.

The main quality of a specialist in the field of construction project management is that of being able to oversee complex projects throughout each step from planning to development, change management and up to the final hand-off of the project in good terms, within given time and financial limits.

A keen grasp on construction practices and advanced knowledge in the field of regulatory compliance are assets that make a manager become the number one choice of important clients who need to rely on the support offered by the best consultants. Adrian Ionita Construction and other experienced companies or individual specialists in this sector of activity are renowed names that speak from experience and which can guarantee high-quality results with their work.

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