How to take care of the milk theet

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How can you tell when erupt the milk teeth and how to take care of them. Experts tell you what is important.

Fluoride – balanced diet and the addition of fluoride during tooth development are strictly necessary. Fluoride supplements should only be given after Pedodontics prescription.

Cleaning – began to wash his mouth newborn in the first days after birth. After each meal, clean baby gums and tongue with finger wrapped in sterile gauze moistened with water or unsweetened tea to remove food debris. The child will get used to have mouth clean since very young age, and later will give great importance to oral dental hygiene.

Symptoms – How can you know that milk teeth begin to erupt? Baby drools abundant (more than usual), seeking to bite (in play), has swollen and red gums, cheek is red  in the place where the tooth will be, may be more cranky…

Pain – To relieve pain because of the eruption of the milk teeth, provide special teeth rings for baby, a piece of sterile material (tissue, gauze), plastic or rubber objects easily cleaned, that little one can bite them.

Temorary teeth – Many parents think that baby teeth (temporary) are a period of transition to permanent teeth, and don’t give them the proper attention. Completely wrong! Failure in dental hygiene of the milk theet causes infections that affect the gums ( gingivitis ) and sometimes, even permanent tooth buds ( appear stained or decayed teeth ).

The thootbrush – After few theet appear ( in 6 – 8 months ), the baby needs to meet the thootbrush. It’s indicated to be short, plastic, small, with a large surface – to massage the gums, nice coloured – to attract the baby, soft – to doesn’t irritate the baby’s gums. Don’t forget that the brushing have to be made as a play.

Thoot paste – To this age, you have to use the thoot paste with a nice taste ( usually, with fruit taste ), in small quantity ( like a peas of bean ), less abrasive, without fluoride ( that it’s not dangerous if the baby swallows it ). When the little one will grow and will learn to spit, you will be able to use a paste with fluoride.

The milk bottle caries – Don’t let your child sleep with the bottle in his mouth if it contains milk or sweetened liquids – there’s risk of milk bottle caries.Alternatively, give your child unsweetened tea, water, that can be offered without risk. Do not use pacifier moisturized in juice or sweetened tea.

Encourage you child to drink with the tea spoon or from the cup, as early is possible.

Regular control – Experts recommend that babies have the first dental check around the age of one year. Pediatricians, however, believe that the first visit to the dentist can wait until the child is three years old, as long as rigorous dental hygiene is respected at home and in the mouth does not appear problems. It is good that the first visit to the dentist to be one of ” familiarity “.

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